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About Us

Selebes Radio is The Best, Biggest, & Oldest Radio Station in Gorontalo wich was established on May 4th 1989 by Tonny Junus who now as the CEO. Currently airing for 19 hours/day, with more than 200 songs playing by the announcers.
We have 22 programs that airing currently, followed by useful information by the announcers

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Title: Selebes Radio Gorontalo
Description: The Best, Biggest & Oldest Radio Station in Gorontalo
Genre: Hanya Memutarkan 100% Lagu Hits Selamanya
Bitrate: 128

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We Currently have 6 Announcers:
Alvin Ramadhan
Dwi Djuuna
Adjie Yusman
Flenny Dewaputu
Duma Setyo
Erland Winata
Each announcers had a special program which is running every week;
#RequestLine by Dwi Djuuna
#Biography by Adjie Yusman
#Kencan by Duma Setyo
#Let's Play Flenny Dewaputu
#Memory Song by Erland Winata
Station Manager : Faiz Mahenra
Head Marketing: Tofan Agoes

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Radio Selebes 101 FM

The Best, Biggest, & Oldest Radio Station in Gorontalo